Tailored specifically to speed deal execution trading system, the system latency lower than 10 microseconds ; more customized version offers a variety of hardware optimization program to ensure orders arrive rapidly.


Unique memory database to store all the transaction process data, including Marketdata and commission status changes, to make full detailed analysis of the transaction process


Tick-level market-driven, supports C ++ and Python Strategies; by using our standardized data interface, strategies can "write once, run anywhere"; Process-level isolation run multiple strategies safely.


Supports all major domestic counter system, both stocks and futures. Using a consistent interface development strategy, and leave tedious low-level counter docking resolved by us, Traders can switch instantaneously between different counters


A variety of powerful statistical analysis tools for real-time inspection of trading operations, trading machine is no longer a black box.

Risk control

We provide a comprehensive real-time monitoring risk control system, from hardware failure to trading indicators, to ensure that each event is recorded which may affect transaction.


Open sourceStandard EditionCustom Edition
C ++ / Python Strategy Interface
Ultra-fast memory database
Comprehensive latency analysis
custom risk rules
Supports all major trading counters
Web-side operation UI
Intelligent Log Analysis
Co-location performance optimization
Custom Development


Simulation trading environment

By connecting to our simulation run environment deployed in the cloud, you can develop or test any time.

Training Services

Our professional technical supporters will come to provide you with the installation and training. For service, please contact info@taurus.ai

Online and offline

Recently a series of online and offline activities will be launched.


August 2017

Taurus.ai was established

November 2017

Kung Fu master trading system open source version officially launched.


Coming soon



Taurus.ai is a new financial technology company in a quantitative trading industry founded by geek engineers. Our team members from all over the world,both the smart asses (or Not)  from Tsinghua,Fudan,MIT,and also from well-known(or unknown)  financial institutions. Currently, we have obtained investment of 10 million angel investment.  And we  focus on various scientific and technological services relating to quantitative transactions in the domestic financial market. The targets include and not limited to high and low frequency strategies of stocks, stock index futures, commodity futures and options.